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The system won't let me book, even though I cancelled my previous booking. What's going on?
Initially, the system will only allow you to book an alternate session in the same week as the one you cancelled (remembering that the week starts on a Sunday).
If you want to book a make-up session in the following week, you will need to wait until the Sunday at the start of that week, at which point the system sees that you didn't attend a session in the previous week, and converts that missed session into a roll-over visit.

For example, if I cancelled my class on Thursday 7th January, and tried to book a make-up class for Saturday 9th January, the system would allow this because it's in the same week.
If however you were wanting to book a make-up class on Monday 11th January, in the next week, you would have to wait until Sunday 10th before you would be able to do this.

Why can I only see 7 days ahead of time on the academy schedule?
We only allow one-off bookings (either casual passes, or make-up sessions) to be booked 7 days in advance at most, to allow us to offer the highest number of regular timeslots for those wanting to train at the same time every week.

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